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This time on the other side of the world

Some time ago I was writing about going to the other side of the world. Well, this time I am now on the other side of the world again and not the same side as last time.

Travel to China was pretty uneventful this time and no major things happened. Some smaller delays though on our way and we got to test the new Airbus A380, which was more exciting to me than to Fangfang. It is very impressive airplane and really does everything it was supposed to do. Too bad the Lufthansa didn’t invest on the top-notch entertainment system but decided to stay with the reasonably good system. I was missing few options I had seen already with some other airlines, such as USB connectivity (according to some information, it is coming later) and much bigger movie collection (some of the competitors have basically over 100 titles in their selection).

The new experience was any way worth the extra travel time and we arrived safely to Beijing where we enjoyed some complimentary lunch with Air China before continuing onward (they had also re-made their WiFi and this time it actually worked, also with iPhones). Always nice to get some good lunch before next flight and also this time wasn’t exception, well prepared lunch will always beat the airplane food although I am some kind of weird fan of airline food. Bonus was to get some ice cream to celebrate the vacation.

After arriving to Beijing, it already became quite clear that the temperatures are higher than in Finland and it also applies to Jiaonan. I am of course the only one who is wearing bermuda-style shorts and everyone else seems to be considering this as good but not too hot weather (and for me, this is something I consider hot). It is nice to enjoy some warm weather and sunshine and just relax.

Photos about different things start to appear during our vacation so stay tuned!

Airbus 380

Airbus A380

Here we go, it is already waiting for us at the gate.

On the other side of the world

Now, bag to the belt

Drink the last cup

Soon from the top of the clouds

I can remember this country

I don’t have exact direction

I will go wherever the destiny will take me

I have pictures with me

but eyes do not meet

Father, I’m here on the other side of the world, singing pappadaduda pa duda dapa

Mother, don’t worry, yes, I will take care of myself, singing pappadaduda pa duda dapa

Above is rough translation from a new Finnish song, which has been played quite often in radio these days. It is called Maailman toisella puolen and it is from a group called Haloo Helsinki! Somehow this exactly describes my life sometimes.

And once again, about this time I have started my voyage. First to Tampere, then to Helsinki and then soon … I will drink the last cup of coffee and I will look at Finland from the top of the clouds. This day will be very long as it starts so early and it will last longer than the day in Finland, I will be going to West.

Weather and one approach to it

It is Spring time in Finland but what typically happens is that people start complaining how snow isn’t melting fast enough and how weather is bad and so on. Why? Weather is something you rarely can control so why not just take it as it is?

I gave up all kind of weather complaining couple of years ago and feel it is quite nice and peaceful nowadays. All different kind of weather has it’s benefits but also it’s bad sides. I personally do not appreciate too much sunshine because it makes me feel tired but correct amount of sunshine is pleasant and nice. Same goes to other styles, raining, cloudy and snowing. Most of the people know that I would prefer heavy rain (typical Autumn weather) and dark season but you cannot have that every single day - and it would become extremely boring if you would have that always.

One nice thing about living in a country having clear four seasons is that you rarely get bored with the weather. It can change rapidly and at least you can be sure that it is different at least four times per year.

So, why not just let the weather be like it is and enjoy it? By the way, it is 2 degrees in Celsius and raining in Finland at the moment - snow is melting. Have a nice Spring and remember to enjoy the weather!


Starbucks coffee

Joy can be small things - after a flight without food, after seeing lounge closed, then you come across with an old friend. Starbucks saves the evening.

Winter and inversion

Inversion in Winter

Sometimes during the Winter you can see inversion in place. Inversion means that the higher altitude actually has higher temperature than the lower altitude, this type of situation has happened quite many times during this Winter and you can usually spot it by looking the pipes and smoke coming out of those.

Happy Chinese New Year 2011!

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone! 祝你们新年快乐,万事如意,身体健康,恭喜发财!Hyvää Kiinalaista Uutta Vuotta!

Autumn and Winter

Partially frozen lake

It is that time of the year when you can feel how one season is about to change to another. It is getting colder and colder, we have already seen the first snow for this Winter and it really feels like Winter is just around the corner.

And, lakes are starting to freeze in the areas where there is no wind and no deep water.

Winter, welcome to Finland!