Exploring the World


Beijing is still more or less the same as in May when I was here last time. One difference is the upcoming National Day, which has changed city a bit. In Chang’an Avenue there is a police patrol, a SWAT patrol, an army patrol or combination of those all in every corner. Our hotel has also increased their security level by having both metal detector and X-Ray machines for incoming visitors. This is nothing new, similar was already happening during the Olympics and lately I have got used to that in my recent trip in Jakarta.

Weather is hot, for me at least. Others don’t exactly share my opinion but shouldn’t it be that during your Summer vacation it is hot? So this certainly feels like good Summer vacation weather.

In China

Well, we arrived to Beijing. All the luggage with us, no delays and no technical problems. Pretty boring and for most of the people preferred way of flying. Yeah, it was like that for Fangfang but not for me. I learned a new skills - do you know how to get your breakfast before everyone else and how to get some attention from half of the crew? Well … you faint. Apparently it isn’t that good idea to have very light breakfast, lunch and then only airline dinner. I guess I should start listening Fangfang who always reminds me about eating regurarly and enough. But, I got my breakfast before anyone else. :-D

Air China in Stockholm

Air China aircraft

And Air China sent a plane with Olympic colors. The picture isn’t the best one as it is difficult to see the plane from the side.



When we approached Helsinki-Vantaa airport, the sight was quite amazing. Everywhere you looked, there was fog on the ground. I tried to take a quick photo but we were already approaching and I had to take it quickly with my iPhone.

Long day ahead

I am going to fly to Jakarta, Indonesia today so my weekend will be spent mostly in flying. I am going to fly through Hong Kong so let’s see how Typhoon Morakot is going to affect my flights, maybe some delays.

Living in countryside, part 2

Just yesterday I realized that there are some other aspects also about living in the countryside. One weekend we came back home from the summer cottage after the vacation and noticed that post office had tried to deliver us a letter but we weren’t home (registered letter so they cannot leave it to our box without a signature). It was Sunday evening (about 4pm) and then I realized that actually we can go to the “post office” and pick it up.

In the Finnish countryside we don’t have official post offices any longer as the Post is saving some money; so they have given this task to the local companies, in our case it is handled by a small grocery shop. And these type of shops are open also during Sunday and even open until 9pm. The official post office would never be open at that time so actually living in countryside has it’s positive sides very much - we get much better service compared to the people living in the city. :-D

Living in the countryside

We have been living in the countryside for some time now. So what does it mean in practice? Hmmm … nothing? We have cable-TV, there are some bigger grocery shops in here and everything works just like you would expect them to work in the city. Actually, we have something the city people do not have. We do not have a real post office but local shop is acting as a post office and that means that our “post office” is open longer than many post offices in the city. Open even during the Sunday. :-D

But this morning we got one reminder what does the countryside living mean in practice. We got a power outage! Apparently a small animal caused it, maybe a bird hit the power line or something like that. But the electricity went out in the morning and there we were without electricity. After couple of minutes we received text messages from our electricity company informing that they are now aware about the situation and while I plugged our mobile Internet modem (ZTE中兴) and opened the electricity company’s website we already saw all the places which were out of the electricity in their map. Pretty impressive. And it was also nice to notice that the break was actually very short one, after about 45 minutes we already had electricity.

This reminds me that we should get some candles and flashlights for the Winter, maybe we will get some Autumn or Winter storms and then it might take longer time to fix all the problems. And besides, living in the countryside means that you should have candles at home. I think I read it in some guidebook. :-D

Repeating myself?

I think I am repeating myself and Fangfang thinks so too. But once again I am at the airport and waiting for the flight. This time destination will be Beijing.