Exploring the World

Once again flying

And again I am at the airport and waiting for the flight. It is nice to spend this time in the lounge relaxing a but before the busy time for the next three days starts. What could I do without lounge access?

May Day

Here it is again, May Day. I am trying to relax a bit, I spent most of the week in the Helsinki and this upcoming weekend will be cut short as already on Sunday I need to fly to Nice, France.

We recently moved to Kyröskoski to a semi-detached house. I am once again back in the countryside and enjoying the longer drives every day to the office. Instead of the usual 15 minutes of driving, it now takes about 40 minutes to reach the office but that isn’t that bad actually. When you have a nice car and a mug of good coffee then what else could you wish for? Which reminds me that I am running out of Starbucks coffee beans. I should try to locate a Starbucks from somewhere. :-D

Nice Winter day

Sometimes we have very bad days in Finland during the Winter. Just very cloudy and very cold. Sometimes you don’t see much sunshine. And then just when you lose your hope for sunshine then you will have this kind of day like some time ago. Clear blue sky, almost no clouds, bright sunshine and bright, white snow.

BMW in the Winter sunshine

This photo is not from today, today was quite grey day so it is nice to have these memories in the photos to remind us how the good days look like.

New car

The new car was delivered yesterday, after a long waiting it is finally here.

New carNew carNew carNew carNew carNew carNew carNew carNew carNew car

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! This is Fangfang’s first Christmas in Finland so all the best from us to everyone!

Back in Finland

Well, late in the Friday evening (midnight) I arrived back to Tampere. The return trip was going quite smoothly until Stockholm where we arrived late due to the strong headwind. And because Saturday was Finnish Independency Day, the last flights from Stockholm to Tampere were cancelled during the Friday and our only possibility was to fly to Copenhagen to catch the last flight to Tampere. Naturally the shortest way to Tampere isn’t always the shortest in real life. :-D

In Copenhagen we found out that our plane was faulty and they were going to change it to another one. It added one additional hour to our waiting time. And even with that extra time they didn’t manage to load my luggage to the airplane so it was delayed and arrived to home only during Saturday evening.

Week in Chengdu was interesting, the weather was rather cold and almost feeling like a Winter. But it was really nice to be back in China again, enjoy Chinese food again and culture. The week was really busy full of work so there wasn’t enough time to see much but what I saw was very nice.

Trying to get to Beijing

Screen in the airplane

Just my luck. I am currently going to travel to China but sitting in the airplane waiting it to depart. We have some technical difficulties at the moment. So far everything I have seen is just the airplane video system, which doesn’t yet do anything.

And the display in red


And the situation in Helsinki is pretty red… Meaning that lots of delays and cancellations.