Exploring the World

And delayed

Hehe. The first flight is already delayed. Let’s see how well this ends. :-D

Snow and other fun

Well, we got hit by the snow storm during the yesterday. Nothing too dramatic but quite a strong wind at the same time, which caused lots of delays to happen in our airports. Which in turn … are still affecting our flights during today, the day I am supposed to fly. See the pattern here? It is always happening when I am supposed to fly. Today they have canceled already two flights before my flight so I hope the flight will departure today on time so I can catch my next flight.

Haha, I am so used to all of this that it even doesn’t cause me stress any longer. When I am flying then most likely everything will go badly. Hmm, when did I have the previous non-eventful flight? I cannot remember, the past one year has been full of different kind of delays or problems. When it is about the fog or snow storm, when it is about some technical problems. Always delays. More time to spend at the airport. :-D

What happens after the fog?

The previous post was about the fog in Paris. What exactly happened? I didn’t yet have time to describe it earlier but here it comes. Well, the whole airplane indeed spend some extra time in the Helsinki-Vantaa airport to wait the permission to fly to Paris. Paris was heavily affected by the fog, which was still visible in there when we finally got there after being 1.5 hours late. Without saying, it was obvious that the next flight left at the same time we landed. Air France tried to offer us a flight next day, which would have meant that there is no way to get into the important meeting in time. A little bit more investigation and pressure for them (Air France booked tickets actually helped quite a much, story would have been different with Finnair booked tickets) and they found something, which they told us in very careful matter - let’s say, almost scared. Something they called crazy plan but for their complete surprise we accepted it. Get transited to London and then to New York and then to Bogotá, we would arrive to the final destination at 5:30 in the morning. Nice!

So, you get to your final destination after traveling 32 hours. I must say that it was my shortest visit to USA ever, and yes, we had to go through immigration and customs. I have a new stamp from USA now in my passport while I didn’t get off the airport at all. And after spending 12 hours in the Bogotá, it was time to travel back to Europe and back to Finland. The return flight actually went smoothly and after 3 days without a proper sleep it was quite nice feeling to find a bed again at home.

Flying can be really fun sometimes. :-D


Funny and surprising things happen when I travel. Yesterday was extremely busy day and then I rushed to Helsinki to spend one night in the airport hotel do I could catch my early flight to Paris. And now I am sitting in the airplane waiting for the flight - already half an hour waiting because there is some heavy fog in Paris and everything is delayed in there. So, now we just wait for our slot, which might come some time in the future, let’s see.

I am pretty sure that I will miss the next flight to Bogotá and get re-routed or spend a night in Paris. Sometimes things just get wrong but for some reason it feels like all my travel is always like this. I wonder why? Just my luck?

Tip of the day: don’t travel in the same flight with me if you don’t like to be re-routed/delayed/end up to different place you were supposed to/or something else. :-D

Autumn fever

Autumn has arrived to Finland, Fangfang has noted that most of the leaves are now actually in the ground compared to the situation few weeks ago. Funny how life changes when you start actually living family life - suddenly you notice that you are much more busier than before. Not a bad thing at all but just different.

Besides private life, also my work life has been keeping me busy and the next month is looking quite full already in the calendar. But that is okay, I like it busy and exciting. :-D

Time to fly

Once again traveling to Russia, this time to the Southern part of the Russia and also going to experience the Tupolev aircraft for the first time.

Busy life

I have been experiencing so busy life after returning from China and from holiday. I guess that is quite okay because isn’t that something what is supposed to happen after the holiday? But work has been keeping me extra busy now and it looks like nothing will change during this Autumn regarding that. Or next winter … something I am very used to and it belongs to this profession.

It is nice to see how Fangfang is enjoying the life in Finland and how she is experiencing some of the Finnish things, which I am not thinking so much as a special things. Still, while we so often think that we don’t have so many special things in Finland then we actually have many. We just don’t see those when we are spending all of our time around those things.

Boat trip


We are having a boat trip with Jari and Saku. Currently we are in the small island in Näsijärvi.

Traveling fun

For some time during my travel there hasn’t been any major problems. But of course now when we were returning to Finland, we encountered a minor delay, which can happen any day but turned to change everything. It started in the first airport in Qingdao with minor 2.5 hour delay. That isn’t that huge delay, you can easily spend that time in the lounge and enjoying some refreshments. But when we arrived to Beijing then all the plans just changed, we missed our connection to Stockholm and we faced a situation where we needed to redesign the whole trip.

And it didn’t actually go so easily, for many reasons (and most of those still unknown to me) there were huge problems to book new flights with Star Alliance (mainly SAS) and especially the connections to Finland. Tampere has never been an easy destination for people outside of Finland but these problems were much more than just recognizing the airport code. In the end I just suggested re-routing us through Hong Kong and London. In the end, the long-haul flight from Hong Kong to London was surprisingly with Cathay Pacific, which was a nice surprise that they approved that. It brought at least some certainty to the long-haul and also certain level of service guaranteed.

After all, we arrived to Finland, just after traveling about 39.5 hours totally including all the time spent in the different airports. Traveling can be such a fun thing. :-D

Mount Laoshan

Greetings from the Mount Laoshan near Qingdao. After all we decided to climb along the path and see what comes in front of us. And what we found, very nice sceneries and few wedding couples having their photo shoot day. The weather really changes quickly on the mountains and if we wouldn’t be reading the clouds (or at least one of the more experienced hikers in our group) then we might have been caught on the rain, now we just managed to see the rain under the umbrella during the lunch break.

Mountain viewMountain viewMountain view